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Crumpin-Fox wins Franklin Cup

Recorder Staff

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Crumpin-Fox Club won eight of 12 head-to-head matches Sunday afternoon to secure the 18th annual Franklin Cup, 14-10, over the defending champion Country Club of Greenfield at Crumpin-Fox in Bernardston.

The Ryder Cup-style tournament opened Saturday with four-ball matches and foursome (alternate shot) matches and the action was tied at 6-6 heading into Day 2 of the event. CFC took control of the tournament on the final day with eight individual wins.

Chris Stoddard defeated Mike Johnson 2-up in one match, while Justin Dion won 4 and 3 over Jason Kelton in another. Scott Dorval beat Garrett Cousineau 2 and 1, Mark Waskiewicz defeated Pat McGuire 2 and 1 and Keith Burch beat Donald Foberg 2 and 1. Chris Austin topped Nate Burdick 4 and 2, Brett Barnes beat KC Finley 3 and 2, and Erik Barnes defeated Brodie Conant 5 and 4.

That gave CFC its second win in the past seven years. The Country Club still holds a 10-7-1 record all-time. CFC also won two years ago, 16-8.

Jake Willis defeated Jason Wallace 3 and 2 for an individual win for the Country Club on Sunday, and David Kennedy beat Rich Carroll 7 and 5. Chris Bourbeau beat Phil Phillips 1-up, and Tom Bergeron defeated Douglas Taylor 2 and 1.

CFC won three of the six Saturday four ball matches, with one match halved. Austin and Burch, Waskiewicz and Stoddard, and Carroll and Taylor each won for Crumpin-Fox. Johnson and McGuire and Finley and Kennedy won for the Country Club.

The Country Club came back and won three of six Foursome matches, with one being halved. Johnson and McGuire, Kelton and Foberg and Kennedy and Burdick each won for the Country Club, while Dion and Burch, and Barnes and Brett Barnes won for CFC.